Secure Payment

Our Secure Payment

Using SSL

            1.  Payment Security

      At Serenas Shop, the security of your online transactions is our priority. We utilize SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to ensure a secure payment environment.

            2.  SSL Encryption

       When making a payment on our website, all sensitive information is encrypted using SSL technology. This ensures that your financial data, such as credit card numbers, are protected against interception or unauthorized access.

            3. SSL Certificate

        Our site is equipped with an SSL certificate issued by a recognized certification authority. This certificate validates the authenticity of our site and ensures that your information is securely exchanged between your browser and our servers.

            4. Data Protection

       We are committed to safeguarding your personal and financial data in accordance with our privacy policy. Your payment information will never be used for purposes other than those related to your order.

With PayPal

About this service

    At Serenas Shop, we offer secure payment with PayPal, one of the most reliable and secure online payment platforms in the world.

               1.   Financial Data Protection

     When you make a payment with PayPal on our website, your financial information, such as your card or bank account details, is directly processed by PayPal. None of this sensitive information is stored or transmitted on our site, which enhances the security of your transactions.

              2.   SSL Security

      The payment process via PayPal is secured with SSL protocol, ensuring the encryption of all data exchanged between your browser and the PayPal server. This protects your personal and financial information against interception or unauthorized access.

              3.    Payment without Providing Bank Details

      With PayPal, you can make payments without providing your bank details for each purchase. Your email address associated with your PayPal account is sufficient to finalize your transactions securely.

                4.   Transaction Fees

        All transaction fees related to PayPal payments are covered by our site, which means you won't have any additional fees to pay for using this payment method